Seven years steering an unassuming narrowboat through the waterways of the "longest, friendliest village in England"  


Limehouse to Brentford solo Tue 17/Oct/2017

Posted on October 17, 2017 at 1:55 PM

I had booked for release from Limehouse "as early as was reasonable" and the lock-keeper suggested 9.30 am 

At 9.30 am, I nosed into the tide and pointed the bow West. 

Tower bridge at 1010. On tickover .... never raised a rev in anger at any time ... let the flowing tide do the hard work ...

Hammersmith at 1230 ... Chelsea Bridge at 1300 ... pulled up outside Thameslock at 1330 on the button

to debunk a few theories ... and deliver more than three bags full .... to Parsley ... and then go in the townside lock to tie up ...

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