unassuming little narrowboat cruises the "Longest, Friendliest Village in England" for seven years   

PENTARGON is almost ready for a new user 

She has had her wetted hull well tarred and her inside refurbished ... painting is an erm "on-going" event ...  

photos being edited during August to show the erm "new" livery.

... Anything underlined and [differently] coloured which 'lights up' when you hover over it, is probably a 'hot-link' ...

Logo shows Pentargon at Princes St.Bridge in Bristol Floating Dock after the 2017 descent of Bristol Channel solo and pilotless from Sharpness.

This site is ... WIP ... on-going ... extensive mods going on almost daily (mid-Aug.'18).

Google finds this site if you enter the boat's name (in quotes as shown) followed by the boat number . . . 

as ...  "Pentargon" 60906 

Pentargon (looking a bit worse for wear!) at Princes Quay Bristol, August 2018, after her epic run from Sharpness via the Bristol Channel, including riding overnight at anchor outside Portishead, experiencing a 40ft tide in real time, and in the morning ... a tidal push up Avon Gorge to enter via the sea lock shipshape and in bristol fashion before proceeding onwards during the day to re-enter C&RT waters. 

I should have named the whole exhilarating experience "from cart to cart" seeing as how I left C&RT jurisdiction at Sharpness at 11oc and entered Bristol exactly 24hrs later at 11oc. However, technically the legal remit for the floating dock rests with the Bristol Port Authority and it stretches up the Avon to the first lock which is quite a way out of town. 

The minutae are dealt with in "Day by Day" where the blog resides. 

Pentargon was snapped on Aug14 2017 in Bristol Dock on arrival from Sharpness via Portishead

 ... solo ...

... because somebody had said ...

"it can't be done"