... ... ... Seven years in an unassuming narrowboat on the waters of the "longest, friendliest village in England"  

Logo picture shows Pentargon in Bristol Floating Dock after her 2018 descent of the Bristol Channel ... from Sharpness. 

I was going to write about Stonebridge and C&RTs inability to re-arrange a piss-up by an elsan

or clear up the disgusting mess where the shit-hole is . . .  But the book beckons > > > 

"What makes any body of water bigger than a barrel look opaque?  Why are rivers muddy or grey ...?  Scooped out and visually examined, water is [usually] colourless. The same water, looked at as a body, always has colour, Sometimes lakes and rivers might be black and Pentargon has floated on bright orange water but the palette is generally restricted to GREY or GREEN or MUDDY. . 

The book has named itself

GREY GREEN MUDDY WATER . . . and yes! It is being written . . . Preview at this hotlink

PENTARGON is Resting. "On the Banks of Her Own Lovely Lea."

She has had her wetted hull surveyed and she is well tarred .., her insides are being refurbished . . . painting is an "on-going" event

photos currently being edited and indexed will eventually show her new livery once the weather warms up ...

Meanwhile, "Day By Day" is what it says on the bin . . . a blog on-going . . .  and as up-to-date as . . . A Full English Brexit

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Pentargon  ... (looking a bit worse for wear) ... at Prince St. Bridge mid-day on 14 August 2018, after her epic run from Sharpness, including an overnight at anchor on a 12m. tide outside Portishead, followed by an early tidal push up the Avon Gorge to enter Bristol Floating Harbour, ship-shape and Bristol fashion ... before proceeding onwards during the day to re-enter C&RT waters at Hanham, out in rural Glousester.

I suppose the whole exhilarating experience should have named "C&RT to C&RT" seeing as how we left C&RT jurisdiction at Sharpness at 11oc on Sat.13thAugust and entered Bristol sea lock exactly 24hrs later at 11oc. However, the legal remit for the Floating Harbour rests with the Bristol Port Authority and that  remit stretches up the Avon to the first lock at Hanham  ... quite a ways out of town which was reached about 3oc that afternoon . . .

The escapade is dealt with in the "Day by Day" blog 

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Pentargon . . . in Bristol Dock . . .  on arrival from Sharpness via Portishead

... solo ...

... because somebody said ...  

"it can't be done"

It CAN! and it HAS! 

on a 1973 36' Springer with a Lister SR2 engine and a scrupulously clean fuel tank

. . . "There is no such thing as can't only won't try"" . . . . (Jim Wall 1909-1993) . . . 

I treasure what you made me, Dad, and what you and Ma allowed me to do.