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Staff & Worcs Stage Three

Posted on July 31, 2017 at 5:50 PM

The Staffordshire and Worcester Canal has been a long time under Pentargon. I first entered it frpm the Trent and Mersey in early May at Great Haywood Junction. There I first met Barry on "Freewheeler", a gentleman and scholar and, like myself, an inveterate cruiser."Freewheeler" and "Pentargon" share something ... According to Jim Shead, neither name is used by any other boat registered on inland waters. Barry and Pogue have relished this little known bit of useless information over more than one cup of tea and also the fact that "Freewheeler" has possibly the littlest draft of any steel narrowboat either of us know at 1'10".

Freewheeler and Pentargon were both going down the Staff&Worcs and so we passed and repassed, sometimes shared a mooring until the unfortunate incident where Pogue was hospitalised  and Pentargon sat for weeks at Giggitty Wharf.

Late July Pentargon got away and proceeded down to Stourport where she dallied awhile before dropping onto the Severn on 28th July, and fetched up in Worcester for a night, Tewkesbury the next night and on to Upton on Severn for Sunday breakfast, meeting "Freewheeler" opposite direction a bit up-river. Insults were trade across the broad expanse of river and we continued on our opposite ways. 

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