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An interesting detour to Macclesfield

Posted by PentargonSpringer on May 17, 2017 at 7:30 AM

Pentargon arrived at Fazely junction(which is the [top] end of the Coventry Canal) end of April where Pogue was picked up by Ron and transported across country to Macclesfield to take a 26' tub south towards Birmingham. In the event three days solo took it down the Trent and Mersey from Macclesfield through Stone and Stoke on Trent to Gt. Haywood where the top of the Staff and Worcs. could take it via Pentridge to Athersley junction.It actually ended up at Penkridge later when it became the tow boat to Pentargon.

Pogue went down to Fazely from Gt. Haywood on buses to bring Pentargon up taking two days due to a throttle problem  and overnight stop-overs at Rugely and Little Haywood by Shugborough Hall before going up very early in the morning to tie up at Great Haywood and take stock.

This section of the trip had been more than a little entertaining due to the throttle cable snapping way back at Atherstone and a temporary repair failing later on. The last part of the Coventry was done with a shock cord holding the throttle part open. You ain't lived til you have motored a canboat with a fixed throttle.

50yo engineering means you do not just go to the nearest motor factor and order up a replacement throttle cable. The original was hand made so you remake the replacement. For that you need "piano wire". But nobody knows what you are talking about. By sheer luck and while staying over at Fazeley junction I got "steel tube" 1.6mm diam but it's length (3m) meant it had to be put aside awhile til further ingenuity surfaced.

  to Pentridge ... more to follow ...

It had been whispered that a marina just outside Penkridge might be able to help with bits and pieces but on getting the boat there it was found to be totally useless, so the boat moved on to Gailey wharf, the home base of Viking Afloat and the most efficient and helpful marina team we have come across since we went on the cut.

TBC ... 2130/27/05/17

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