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Birthday and half way mark co-incide at Penkridge

Posted by PentargonSpringer on May 17, 2017 at 7:25 AM

The sudden and unexpected  engine cut-out half way into Penkridge lock necessitated a bit of rope-work and a lie-over til sorted. Along with the broken throttle cable, it transpired there was water contamination of the port tank. The inspection plate had not been sealed before bolting it down and whenever there was rain some was seeping into the tank to feed the bio-bugs. Gunge was sucked up into the fuel filter until it was completely sealed and no more fuel could pass. Halfway into Penkridge lock the engine died. Luckily, inertia carried her through the bottom gates and she was roped through the top and bow-hauled to a safe mooring out of the way.

Over many weeks of cruising the boat had been getting progressively more untidy and disorganised. Single-handing does not lend itself to tidiness or even cleankliness and there is a constant battle between keeping the boat tidy, keeping systems running, making improvements and changes, recording progress, getting miles in and exploring the countryside ...

  ... more to follow ...

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