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Polesworth lie-over

Posted on April 25, 2017 at 4:55 AM

Tue 24th April 2017. Belhus library 10.09am. blog times are US east coast time (6hrs before BST)

Over the weekend at Polesworth the whole bilge got cleaned out and the stern gland checked as the boat may be here some time. The forecast for the week is pure cat with arctic air pulling snow, hail and showers down across England. The Midlands is likely to get it and Polesworth is in the Midlands. 

I got some old whit spanners in a second hand shop in Tamworth for doing up the stern gland flange nuts. I went to Tamworth station to get a month return and went "home" for the duration. Pentargon is nailed and the solars are pointing south. All electrics are switched off. So even it it pisses down the bilges are empty and ready for it. The cover is NOT up as winds are forecast to be high over the next few days.

It starts to get better towards the weekend and next week is forecast as warm. and I have therapy on Wed followed by recuperation for the afternoon.

Thursday, up and away from the house in Essex on the trusty Strida at 6.25am to catch 370/6.35 for Romford 86/7.05 an 86 for Ilford, 25/8.05 to Bow Church and finally a 205 which planted me at Euston at 9.40 just in time to catch the Northampton, using an old ticket valid to Leighton Buzzard but brazing it out.

Change of platform put me onto the Crewe train through Rugby under cover of the return part of the Tamworth ticket which got me to that nice town at 11oc.

A half mile ride to catch the Stafford 825 busand a short pedal to the boat

Overnight Friday it milled down but by 9oc the sun was shining the day was warming and it was off to the library to uopdate the blog Fri 28th April 2017 Polesworth Library. 9.35am

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