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Nuneaton to Atherstone in the wind

Posted on April 19, 2017 at 4:35 AM

This is the day the throttle cable finally breaks and the last three miles are completed with the aid of an elastic band. Including the first five locks of the Atherstone flight. In a howling wind. 

I earned this experience.

I REALLY earned this experience.

The throttle control has never been 'smooth and right' on Pentargon.

It's the original from 1973 using a "piano wire " inner and is 3.5m long.

I rarely if ever use revs so it has not been slid along its full length. It slowly seized solid.

I can tell you this now using my "hind-sight" app.

Pity I did not use foresight five years ago.

At Mancetter (where Boadicea had an unfortunate last stand against the Romans on one side of Watling Street) and fighting a foul northerly breeze. threading through moored boats, you really need a good throttle control the throttle! The lever suddenly came unbelievelably free. The wire had broken. So it was a dive for a convenient bank, tie up to discover what was wrong.

Being only two miles out from a preferred mooring plus a set of five locks, I jury rigged an elastic band to hold the throttle fixed at a highish setting and went forward, using the gearstick and tiller to get to the top lock about 4pm. Engine off then and roped the boat down the whole flight. taking over two hours and intertwining with opposite direction all the way.  

It eventually took about six hours spread over three days to completely dismantle the system and rebuild it. Still a gunterjob  as I've yet to source 1.6mm piano wire 10' long to replace the original.

Polesworth Library Sat 22Apr ... to be continued

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