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Logo shows Pentargon at Princes Bridge after descent of Bristol Channel from Sharpness in 2017


Kingston to West Drayton

Posted by PentargonSpringer on March 9, 2017 at 6:45 AM

February switched to March in Kingston and my life was running about a month late. I was with my mate Mick showing him how to deal with a flowing river and be a ferryman on the Thames. During the few days, he learned to cross and re-cross the river, sleep on board (and stay warm!) and introduce Pentargon to his friends. I was supposed to have taken Pentargon upriver to Chertsey where I might meet Abbey Molyneux and find out how a skilled boat-wright could separately be an excellent chronicler and writer.

Find her at and I see whether you agree that her writing is pure genius and beyond hilarious. I could say the same for her boat building skills, except that she is seriously good at what she does with wood and works on boats most people may only dream of. Getting mine up-river was intended to show Abbey how the Hampshire Heater works on Pentargon.  In her blog she had complained of being very cold on board. In the event I discovered her boat elsewhere and went by Train and Bus and Strida to share a meal and chat. Abbey is the sort of gel my mother was: total competent, totally together, totally believing in herself. So we got on famously with another boater, Trevor acting as referee at a fine river-side pub close to to a lock on the Thames. 

Back at the boat later, moored at Horsefair Quay, I prepared for a 07.30am departure, locked through Teddington at 08.30am, Cleared Richmond at 9oc right on hihg tide for that day and fetched up at Thameslock bang on 10oc as booked with C&RT the previous day (Monday!)

from Diane's house where we are preparing to pull pegs. 

Later, I brought Pentargon up to the gauging lock from where I would launch into the Hanwell flight with Miro on a #PogueAwayDay   the following day. Miro wants to get afloat and I was about to drop him in the doo-daa big time. Leaving Brentford at 1030am it was 1230 when we got through Osterley just a mile out of Brentford (another story for another day) By 3pm we finally made Norwood Top and proceeded to West Drayton station where Miro departed at 4.30pm for the big smoke. In six hours we had managed seven miles.


Up at 5.15am for the shipping forecast, breakfasted and housekeeping til 8am, when I went down the engine room to pump out a lot of water and tidy up to go further. Onward to Yiewsley Morrison about 10am, saunter down to Yiewsley library to update the blog. 12.15 and I had three packets of Bread mix from Aldi to add to ship`s provisions and moved away in the direction of Cowley Lock. 

Having got through, I pulled in awhile at the "services" just beyond the [road bridge] to assemble and plan forward. Peering into the distance the cut was lined with boats to the horizon. On both sides. But! Onward, ever onward. With the days noticable lengthening, it would not be dark til well after 6pm so I made my stop (for the weekend) at the Swan and Bottle.

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