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Voyage down the Centre of England

Posted on September 9, 2012 at 8:45 AM

All Summer, Pentargon's Lone Ranger skipper has been plagued with RSIs collected during the first six months of living aboard and not realising what one was doing twos-self. By careful management the effects have been minimised though because it is hugely important at one's advanced years that RSIs be allowed to fix. One has had to cease using the Espace as the left knee was weakening progsessively to the stage where it was almost impossible to press the clutch after about 100 miles of driving. One had to resort to clutchless changes and max use of motorways (and lorry cruising speeds) and far more painkillers than is normally needed to keep the fibromyalgia quiet. Which was a bit of a pain literally and figuratively.

Being of that age where "BusPass" has considerable meaning and being in possession of a network rail discount card one attempted to adapt to continuous cruising without a support vehicle (just like proper CCers?). However the combination of possibilities for buggering up a combination of narrowboat bus and train meant that having arrived art Weedon/A5 it was not going to be possible to leave the boat on Sat15th because the D3-2-1 buses do not start early enough to get to Northampton station in time for the 0711 train to Euston. 

One had intended to move on to just a couple of miles to the Wharf at Bugbrooke and get the first bus but the bloody thing only runs MonFri. What to do.

Examine local map and discover that from Pentargon's present position to Northampton Station is ten miles BY CANAL. So the planned to go by train from London on Tues pick up a bus to the boat, set off on an unexpected detour to be fetched up, battened down at Cotton End ready to catch the 0711 to Euston on Sat. arriving at 0815. Then bus it to Victoria to catch the 0906 through Brighton for Shoreham.Then they tell me. The Northampton arm is 'closed' but Can I get onto the C&RT website?

Plan now is to drive the Espace to the boat on Tuesday and use IT to ensure I can get that bloody train.

I'll let you know what ACTUALLY transpired later.  

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